Danielson Middle School FAQs


When does my dancer tryout for the Danielson Dance Team?

We ask that in-district students audition with their current middle school. Our director will collaborate with the dance teams to build our roster. Out of district dancers will have additional auditions once our director is named in April.

For the start-up year, the dance team will be one combined team focused on building a strong foundation of team culture, technique, and skill.  There will be an audition process held in late November, for line members interested in competing during competition season. This format is similar to the team your dancer is on now.

When are Cheer tryouts?

Will DMS have cheer and dance? 
Yes we will. Tryouts are being scheduled for the end of March and will be held at Glenn High School. Both cheer and dance team are non-cut electives that students are encouraged to tryout for at the end of their 6th and 7th grade year.                Students in 6th grade can choose dance as their PE credit but dance in 6th grade is not a prerequisite for trying out for the cheer and dance teams in 7th and 8th grade.
Can I play football at DMS?
Football is a non-cut sport offered to 7th and 8th grade students. Football tryouts take place in August. 6th grade students can learn the fundamentals of football and all other sports offered in middle school by taking Pre-Athletics in 6th grade. Pre-Athletics is not a prerequisite for any 7th grade sport but is a option for a PE credit for a student interested in Athletics in 7th and 8th grade.
When will choice sheets be available?
Our counselor, Mrs. Holly Burrus will be out on our 5th grade feeder campuses the last week of February and will travel to LMS and WMS the first week of March

Will there be band for the incoming 7/8th graders that have started band during their 6th grade year at another school? 
Yes. 6th grade students will have the option of taking a full year of band during their 6th grade year. 7th and 8th grade students will also have band on their choice sheets. We have already started working with the band directors at WMS and LMS to determine what instruments our students are already playing to anticipate classes and making sure we can continue their band careers. We have hired a band director and will announce her soon. She is eager to meet our families and will be at our Family Information Night on the 17th.
Will Danielson have an Athletic Booster Club?

Yes. We will have a sign up during Parent Information Night for parents interested in starting the DMS Athletic Booster Club as well as starting our PTA. Whether you're supporting athletics, academics or electives, parents and volunteers play a vital role in the success of a school. We want to partner with you for the success of our students.

What will the bell schedule look like?

Danielson will run on an A/B schedule. This means students will have four 86-90 minute periods per day and classes will meet every other day. We are deciding on having a fixed Monday/ Wednesday A and Tuesday/ Thursday B schedule and alternate Fridays A/B or following Glenn HS A/B schedule to allow students to take classes at both campuses. Students will be encouraged to have two backpacks. The school will be able to support families needing an extra backpack. This allows students to carry less each day and only bring what they need on the designated day. A/B also provides students with the possibility of four elective choices each year.

Will Danielson have lockers?

Danielson will only have lockers in locker rooms, band hall and the dance studio. Students will be encourage to have an A Day backpack and a B Day backpack. There are no lockers in the hallways of Danielson Middle School

Do 8th graders have to attend Danielson or can they stay at LMS or WMS?

2020-2021 6th grade and 7th grade students attend the school for which they are zoned. 2020-2021 8th grade students zoned for Danielson have a choice to stay at their current campus or attend Danielson. Transportation will not be provided for 8th grade students choosing to stay at WMS or LMS.